Global Maritime Communication Experts providing best-in-class Satellite Services combined with 4G/LTE Cellular Connectivity.

Focus on Oil & Gas Offshore Operations providing Cost-effective, Fully Integrated, Flexible,  and Reliable Telecommunication Solutions.

About NearshoreNetworks


NearshoreNetworks solutions are designed to extend Customer's network and assure secure, reliable & resilient communications anywhere on the planet even in the most hostile environments. The Team of highly qualified and certified field technicians can install, commission, monitor, and maintain  satellite, fiber, microwave, and LTE infrastructure in even the most difficult, far-reaching locations at sea. Rapid response support, logistics, and a strategic hardware depot practice mean downtime is minimized to ensure your SLA agreements are always met.


NearshoreNetworks ethos compliments network solutions by being an extension of Customer's team to deliver the quality support required to maintain critical infrastructure globally and keep offshore fleet connected.


Complete Global Coverage and Support

NearshoreNetworks utilizes diverse and superior connectivity resources in the delivery of seamless global network experience. Customers can trust its most critical operations to run effortlessly across a global communications network via satellite, fiber, microwave, or 5G/LTE.

The NearshoreNetworks technology network is supported by its expert human network of highly skilled & certified technical staff. They perform installation, activation & on-site maintenance in even the most remote areas of the world, offering global, regional, and local on the ground support through our team of over 80 field engineers in 60 countries, including Brazil, where NearshoreNetworks has local operations through it subsidiary NearshoreNetworks Brasil Telecomunicações Ltda.

​CENTRIC is glad to be Partner of NearshoreNetworks in Brazil, offering with strong local content its High Quality Telecommunication Services Portfolio.

Get to know more about NearshoreNetworks capabilities here, at: www.nearshorenetworks.com or contact CENTRIC directly for products, services and solutions inquiry offered in Brazil.  

Message of NearshoreNetworks CEO Bob Miltenberger