Simeros has in-house the largest and most instrumented Testing Facilities in Brazilian industry. Its high-capacity rigs and small scale testing equipment are capable to simulate and collect critical information about installation and operational conditions flexible risers, flowlines, subsea umbilicals and their materials will be subjected to, so experimental and qualification tests can reproduce with accuracy the behavior these assets will present in the field

Full Scale Testing Capabilities

  • Dynamic Bending and Tension Rigs

Up to 750 tons Axial Load and 20 meters

  • Dynamic Tension to Tension Rig

Up to 1500 tons Axial Load and 20 meters


  • Dynamic Bending Rig

Up to 50 tons Bending Load and 12 meters

  • Vertical Bending Rig (Pressure Armor Fatigue)

Up to 210 kN Bending Moment, 150 kN Axial Load and 6.5 meters

  • Modular Controlled Temperature Rig

Up to 2500 kN Axial Load, 0-100C temp and 60KSI Internal Pressure

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Small Scale Testing Capabilities

  • Temperature

  • Pressure

  • Static & Dynamic Load

  • Corrosive Environment

  • Instrumentation

  • Online Data Processing

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Full & Small Scale Testing
Instrumented Dissection & Analysis

Post-service forensic analysis performed to access pipe accumulated damage evidences and/or root causes of failure providing high level acknowledgement and technological innovations to the industry

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  • Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)

  • Validation of existing pipe lifetime models

  • Calibration data for life-extension prediction models

Materials Lab

By gathering and treating real information from Dissection, Inspection, Testing and Analysis of Flexible Pipes, their parts and materials, Simeros is able to turn Data into Valuable Knowledge for future product developments, technological innovations and critical applications

Simeros Materials Lab Capabilities

  • Metallurgical Characterization

- Microstructural Characterization

- Analysis of fractured surfaces and cracks

- Non-metallic inclusions in steel​

  • Environment-Assisted Testing

- Corrosion-Fatigue

- Stress corrosion cracking

  • Mechanical Testing

- Hardness

- Tensile & Fatigue Tests

  • Inspection and Stress Analysis

- Ultrasound Testing (US)

- Magnetic Particles (MP)

- Residual Stress by Hole Drilling Method

Data Science & 4.0 Monitoring

By gathering and treating real information from Equipment and Materials Testing, Inspection and Analysis, Simeros is able to turn Data into Valuable Knowledge

Expertise on Data Science

  • Relevant conclusions through reliable analysis

  • Multi-source data acquisition and correlation

  • Automated real time analysis

  • Reliable long-term monitoring

  • Secure multi-site data storage

Simeros 4.0 Remote Data Monitoring System

1 - Remote Raw Data acquisition on-site

- Client's Dada Automation and Collection On-Site​

2 - Data storage and processing off-site

- Centralized Off-Site Data Storage system

3 - Data automation and analysis

- Analysis by powerful tools and multidisciplinary Teams

- Automated Cloud and local backups

- Automated online alerts for critical events

4 - Final Data reporting

- Detailed, Accurate and Tailored analysis Reporting

- Report delivery periodically or on demand


5 Years Contract for Instrumented Dissection

Simeros was awarded with a 5 Years contract with a major Brazilian Oil and Gas Operator for the instrumented dissection, analysis and reporting about company's flexible risers and flowlines taken from operation for critical data and technical knowledge acquisition.

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Featured Project & Development

Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) R&D Program for Shell

Simeros is working together with Airborne Oil and Gas in a R&D program for the qualification and commercialization of an innovative combined lightweight Thermoplastic Composite Flexible Pipe and End Fitting solution for ultra deepwater applications


The scope of the program covers DNV F119 Standard and additional non-standardized tests for evaluating the technology for ultra deepwater production fields

Customized Flexible Pipe Buckling Test

Simeros has developed for a major IOC a fully automated and instrumented experimental unit capable of reproducing in laboratory the most severe operational conditions in order to evaluation of failure modes by buckling in flexible pipes.


This development encompassed new techniques and qualification of classic one for inspection and monitoring to determine initiation, and monitor the progress of tensile armor wires failure.


Simeros also developed and qualify a refined protocol of experimental tests for evaluation of occurrence susceptibility of failure modes in axial compression of flexible pipes.

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Featured Projects and Developments