CENTRIC works and Represents in Brazil NearshoreNetworks, A Global Telecommunication Services Provider, to offer best-in-class and the most Cost-Effective Solutions on Offshore / Maritime Satellite  Services.

Marine & Offshore Services
V-SAT and 4G Combined Services, Wifi, Tracking and Monitoring Fleet Assets

Vessel, Crew, and Contractors aboard function seamlessly through a combination of Satellite and Cellular data transmission solutions efficiently and cost-effectively.  NearshoreNetworks design engineers can provide optimized solutions to leverage the most cost-effective means of data access based on the vessels’ geolocation and signal access.  


Tracking and monitoring fleet assets through NearshoreNetworks IoT Solutions further combine satellite GPS and enhanced IoT services result in maximum operational efficiency and security. 


Innovative value-add partnerships such as ClimaCell weather forecasting applications allow teams to make better routing decisions thanks to real-time weather data and parameter threshold alerting.


Marine Satellite Internet

Using strategic teleport locations, we can provide global coverage utilizing C-Band, Ku- band, Ka-Band & L-Band.  Through our offers of spot beam coverage and auto beam switching, we keep you connected, no matter where. NearshoreNetworks can provide reliable, high-speed broadband satellite communications for internet or private network communications on a global and regional basis.‍

Satellite & Cellular Communication

Satellite with 4G and 5G cellular connectivity to deliver the optimum combination of  lowest cost, highest speed and most secure data transmission rates to your vessels and personnel aboard.  Our maritime Satellite/GSM solutions utilize the latest in data connectivity technology to provide wireless wi-fi internet access to all users aboard across and their wide range of devices. We manage and maintains global satellite and cellular carriers that enable multi-channel data service for wireless maritime services like Voice, IoT (Internet of Things), SMS, social media, and GPRS communications internationally that can be both pre and postpaid models.  As a result, we have the most reliable solutions for customers who need to use their mobile devices as they would on shore when they are aboard a vessel. 


Offshore Wifi

Wi-Fi Hotspot services integrate easily into existing onboard infrastructure. We can manage usage to avoid extra costs while enhancing user experiences.  This is especially important to crew welfare. Through NearshoreNetworks we offer a high quality onboard Wi-Fi solution that delivers top-grade network coverage. Our solution is highly scalable and will support hundreds of users with strong, reliable coverage and fast upload and download speeds.

Vessel Tracking

Our vessel-tracking system provides enhanced geo-positioning accuracy of your vessel locations, virtual geofencing with alerts if vessels enter or leave the defined area, and effectively reports vessel arrival or departure. Customers receive emergency alerts both as a visual warning and SMS or e-mail.

Fleet Broadband & Out of Band Management

We deliver Fleet Broadband and Out of Band Management using Inmarsat and Iridium platforms. Inmarsat is the leading out of band management vendor that vessels all over the world rely on today for operational and safety coverage. Iridium provides global coverage and is the latest entry to this market and provide superior safety and service coverage networks solution. Iridium Fleet Broadband and Out of Band Management is delivered through their CERTUS Offerings. Iridium’s Low Earth Orbit Satellites deliver global coverages and affords constant access to vessels. This is a reliable backup system to allow assisted moves, adds or changes to the VSAT System while underway at sea.

Satellite VoIP Services

We offer a telephony service that allows crews to make phone calls from every country to every part of the world, thanks to NearshoreNetwork’s global coverage. We can deploy VOIP (voiceover IP) services wherever you need.



NearshoreNetworks delivers the latest in weather data and predictive forecast impact technology through its partnership with ClimaCellAs the leader in Weather Intelligence, ClimaCell is changing the way companies are able to make decisions based on upcoming and real-time weather patterns. With ClimaCell, you can forget about the forecast and trying to understand what to do about the weather. ClimaCell automates your decision making and protocols based on your specific thresholds by using proprietary data sets and in-house models consisting of hundreds of millions of global data points.

Crew Welfare

Crew Welfare is extremely important for vessel owners and operators. By combining our world-class communications solutions with our global technology systems, we have developed the top program for pandemic communications preparedness as well as cost-effective management solutions for your crew and passengers aboard.

Marine Satellite TV & Video On-Demand

NearshoreNetworks has extensive experience and offers TV solutions including IPTV and has licensing to provide vessels with global content. Video on demand enhances crew welfare providing a wide range of entertainment to choose from. Our packages include a variety of films, from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to World hits from previous years.